The Toolkit of the Digital Assistant

The Digital Assistant is an entry level position that can help with a number of functions to support your company. They will have a good functional understanding a number of tools that can help your business grow in a number of areas, or just be more efficient in its delivery.

The Digital SkillShift model will support their skills development in the following areas and supports its learners to be ready to make a difference quickly in your organisation.

Area Tools (examples) Benefits Team Impact
Social Media Social media promotion (e.g. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter) Improves engagement with customers and suppliers Customer service, Marketing
Direct Communications Mailshots (e.g. Mailchimp) Manages mass mailshots, allows detailed impact analysis Customer service, Marketing
Websites Content management and site performance (e.g. WordPress, Web Analytics) Efficient sales and/or communication channel to customers Marketing, sales
Image editing Image editing software (e.g. ????) Increased customer engagement through social media, marketing, promotions Marketing
Surveys Online survey software (e.g. Survey Monkey, Google forms, etc) Increased customer / supplier engagement, product development, market research Marketing, Product Development
Reports, Charts, Presentations Office applications (e.g. Excel, Powerpoint) Improves presentations, reporting Sales, Operational
Team working Collaboration and filesharing tools (e.g. Basecamp, Dropbox) Increased team productivity, efficiency, collaboration Operational

There will be a number of specific benefits to functions within your company for example marketing, customer service, sales or operations. Digital Skillshift “graduates” will also have a “digital first” mindset, where they will seek to find the best, most efficient and effective digital solution to any given problem. Another benefit should be that they will be ready to start making a difference quickly having already mastered the various popular digital tools and services that millions of companies are using across the world to get ahead of their competition. This will save you valuable time in getting them productive within your company environment.